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Why take an EHP?  

The provision and effective distribution of essential medicines in contexts where health access is limited and people are in need, can help to both change and save lives. The assortment of contents in an EHP have been designed to meet basic community and individual health needs through access to life-saving treatments for a range of widely-occurring infections and conditions. The regulated source of the medicines enables confidence in products that are high quality and safe to use, especially in places where false, counterfeit, or sub-standard medicines are common. The portable nature of the kits enables them be utilised even in remote and inaccessible locations.


How and where are EHPs used?

EHPs have been used in over 75 countries to date, and in a wide variety of settings. This has included field clinics, government hospitals, refugee camps, primary health-care projects, and as part of responses to humanitarian crises.  


How are the EHP contents decided?

The contents of EHPs have been designed in line with guidance from the World Health Organisation and the British Medical Association, and are periodically reviewed in accordance with feedback received from those who use them. Contact p.keys@ihpuk.org  for a current contents list.


Where do the medicines come from?

The medicines are donated directly from the pharmaceutical manufacturers, and have never left the supply chain or the regulated environment. All medicines are in the original packaging and contain patient information leaflets (PIL), which provide information on using the medicines safely.


What is the cost of an EHP?

We request a contribution of £450 per EHP. This is a fraction of the cost of the value of the medicines. It helps enable IHP to cover some of the costs associated with sourcing, assembling, coordinating and storing donations for the kits.


How do I apply?

Email p.keys@ihpuk.org for an application pack. The application form asks for information on how and where you plan to use the kits, and how the medicines will be handled and stored. All applicants go through a due diligence process before an application for an EHP is approved.


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