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Adele’s run will provide particular support for IHP's rapid responses to disasters, getting emergency health care to victims when it matters most.


In 2017 this 'prepositioning' of medical aid meant that we were able to reach victims of the Iraq earthquake within hours of the disaster.  The UNDP estimate that every single $ of aid spent on preventing and mitigating disasters saves an average of $7 in humanitarian disaster response.  So your donation will have an even greater impact.  


Please donate now to support Adele. Thank you.    

Adele - Going The Extra Mile


On Sunday 20th May, Adele Paterson, IHP’s CEO, ran a half marathon

(20 kilometres) to raise money for IHP. Her fundraising target is £20,000.


So that’s £20k for 20k.  

“Training over the winter is a challenge but, if I reach my target, then every 1000m I run will provide 2000 treatments - this is a great reason to keep going.  With your support, we will save lives and provide medicines for some of the poorest communities in the world. By the time I get to the finishing line, however long that takes, it will be incredible to think that IHP will be able to provide 40,000 more treatments. So please support me – every £1 will make a difference and keep me focused.  Thank you.” 


Adele Paterson – IHP CEO

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