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The Middle East has been receiving its fair share of news headlines in recent years. The state of turmoil in much of the region looks unlikely to improve quickly.


The medical needs of the displaced people and refugees in the Middle East are now more urgent than ever. We have the treatments, we just need your help to get them there – will you help today?

  • £50 will provide 200 children with antibiotics

  • £100 will provide 400 pregnant women with life-saving medicines

  • £250 will provide an emergency medical kit containing treatments for at least 60 families


Conflict has led to a humanitarian disaster and the mass movement of displaced people and refugees seeking safety and safe havens from the trauma and suffering they have experienced. For many years IHP has been providing medical aid to the camps, clinics and hospitals that have been established to support them.


Since 2013 we have provided 1.7 million treatments.


Today we are seeing an even greater drama unfold as the battle in Mosul, Iraq, intensifies. Thousands of refugees from the area have already sought safe haven in Kurdistan, northern Iraq and now thousands more are expected to join them.


Lise Grande, the UN humanitarian coordinator for Iraq said recently:


IHP is ready to respond and to send high quality essential medicines for those in need which our partners on the ground can distribute immediately. Together we can provide life-saving medicine to those most in need.

“Mosul could represent the single largest most complex humanitarian operation in the world in 2016”.

Help us reach 300,000 people with urgent medical aid