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By IHP, Nov 4 2016 05:47PM

Much-needed medicines are being shipped to IHP partners, International Medical Corps (IMC), in Haiti this week. They include a range of antibiotics, painkillers, anti-inflammatories, drugs for stomach ulcers, skin conditions and medical supplies.

“IHP is proud to be working in partnership with IMC as part of the emergency response in Haiti” said Louise Hart, IHP’s Associate Director of Health Programmes. “The needs are overwhelming and large numbers of people are without access to basic healthcare services and vital supplies, affecting their ability to recover from the disaster” she continued.

The medicines and supplies are going to the most affected areas of Haiti, Grand’Anse Department, where

43% of health facilities were severely damaged last month by Hurricane Matthew, and Sud Department where 28% of health facilities were damaged.

Cholera continues to be a major concern throughout the country, particularly in the south. According to the UN one million people are expected to need cholera vaccinations in the most affected areas. More than 3,500 suspected cholera cases were reported in October alone.

A one week mass vaccination programme in Grand’Anse and Sud will start on 8 November targeting 900,000 people.

Facts and Figures

• Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti on 4 October

• So far 546 people have died and 128 missing

• 2.1 million people are affected

• 1.4 million people need assistance

• 806,000 people need food urgently

• 140,000+ people are displaced


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