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IHP Thanks Partners On International Women's Day

By IHP, Mar 8 2017 12:46PM

Over 300,000 women die each year in pregnancy or as a result of childbirth: the majority of them in Africa and South Asia. From 2005 to 2012, annual mortality rates fell from an estimated 550,000 women to 287,000, but last year this increased to 303,000. Clearly there is much work to do to further and significantly reduce maternal mortality rates.

Today, on International Women’s Day, we would like to thank all our partners for their untiring support to vulnerable women throughout the world. Millions of women do not have access to essential medicines for themselves and their families. Our NGO partners on the ground are reaching tens of thousands with essential medicines that save lives. UK medics and humanitarians are carrying our Essential Health Packs to areas that have little or no access to medicine, and making a big difference.

None of this would be possible without the generous product donations from our corporate partners.


Picture: Women at Bansang Hospital pharmacy in the new waiting area. Bansang Hospital is in the central and upper river region of The Gambia and is supported by IHP partner Bansang Hospital Appeal. "It has seating and a roof to protect everyone from the searing temperatures and the tropical rains. Comfort for those that travel great distances is very important and has never been offered in the past," Says BHA Founder/Director Anita Smith.

Mar 31 2017 11:53AM by Anita Smith MBE

No woman should die giving life. The knock on affect is catastrophic within a family, often the baby may survive only to succumb to malnutrition, other children left without a mother, the most important person in a family group. IHP has been helping these most vulnerable women in Bansang and beyond for many years. On behalf of the patients, staff and community we thank you and your donor partners for the life saving drugs that have helped to save many women's lives.

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