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LOGS BLOG: Free Service From DHL Is A Lifeline To Thousands

By IHP, Jan 10 2017 04:42PM

This is the first in a series of quarterly blogs from Colleen Harrisson-Dodds, our Logistics Manager. Without Logistics, we would not be able to do the crucial work that we do. The Logistics team is responsible for the coordination of all our shipments of donated medicines from pharmaceutical companies to the field. Logistics is the backbone of our work. Here she talks about our partnership with global logistics company, DHL.

DHL has provided IHP with free warehousing for several years now. We have a dedicated team at the DHL warehouse in Oxfordshire that manages our stock coming in and out. DHL act as our wholesale distributor by receiving pallets of donated medicines and medical supplies from the pharmaceutical companies who support us.

They sort through and break down all the pallets that come in, put the individual products and batches onto individual pallets and then store them in the warehouse. They provide my team with all the information we need to create orders for our NGO Partners.

When it comes to getting an order out of the warehouse our DHL contacts, Rebecca and Jeevan, will get the team to have the stock ‘picked’ from the locations and build them on to pallets for us. They will build the pallets to whatever specification we ask them to, so that we can either send stock as airfreight (height restricted) container or by truck.

Their team will then measure and weigh the pallets so that either IHP logistics or the NGO receiving them can arrange transport.

At the end of the process they load the medicines onto the truck and container for us, so that they can get to the people who need them. They provide warehousing within the supply chain for many pharmaceutical companies, ensuring a consistent supply of medicines.

No Charge

DHL do all this for free to help us make a difference to those who don’t have access to medicines. When there is a disaster the DHL team will make our shipments a priority, and they have had large picks done for us in an emergency in a matter of hours.

We ship out anything from one shipment a week to two or three, and these can vary in size, from a single Doctors Travel Pack (DTP) up to 40ft container loads.

IHP has a good relationship with DHL, they are able to help us help others, and take a keen interest in the work that we do and how they can assist us. It makes our operations easier to run because we know that DHL are able to help and support us in such a vital way. Without DHL we wouldn’t be able to make any of these donations happen.

Picture: IHP staff visit DHL warehouse in Banbury, Oxfordshire. Left to right: Rebecca Radburn (DHL), Leigh Miah (IHP), Luc Diei-Yoa (IHP), Colleen Harrisson-Dodds (IHP), Trish Farrell (DHL)

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