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Saving mothers in Liberia - maternal death rates are on the decline

By IHP, Oct 14 2016 09:58AM

Our team met mums in Liberia recently who are living proof that medicines literally save lives. With emotion in her voice, Kimberlyn explained that without IHP’s help she wouldn’t be here today and her daughter Bennett would be growing up without a mother. Maternal death rates - often from acute blood loss or sepsis - have been as high as 1 in 8 over recent years. Supplies are now reaching clinics and hospitals across the country and these statistics are becoming a thing of the past.

At one hospital we met a team of midwives who enthusiastically explained what this ‘Rolls Royce’ of medication can achieve as they proudly introduced us to women enjoying their first few hours of motherhood. Whether speaking to the staff, the mothers or indeed the Minister of Health, the message to IHP and our partners was clear - thank you for saving lives!

Kimberlyn and daughter Bennett
Kimberlyn and daughter Bennett