Whether a medical charity is large or small, they are equally important to IHP

Flexible partnering

There are many medical NGOs undertaking invaluable work in very difficult circumstances, reaching out to the most needy in the world, whose staff are often risking their own lives to bring healing and hope to communities with little or no healthcare provision.  Since we were established, as a result of the generosity of our industry donors, IHP is pleased to have supplied over £100m of medical relief to NGOs working in 86 countries.

IHP supports medical NGOs in a number of ways, these include:


IHP coordinates the response of over 60 companies who donate requested essential medicines to medical NGOs who are delivering healthcare on-the-ground. Where possible, the medicines are provided to the World Health Organisation for use with their accredited partners.

Volunteer healthcare professionals

Many of the people taking our Doctor's Travel Packs are running training programmes in the developing world under the auspices of a medical NGO.


Capital expansion projects

IHP supports NGOs that wish to expand their programmes by providing a portion of their total annual drugs needs, which allows them to spend the money that has been saved on other capital projects. This type of support is set up for a defined period of time so as not to create dependency on the donated medicines.

Specialised clinical programmes

IHP partners with NGOs and specific industry donors to provide patticular medicines to enable specialised clinical programmes to be undertaken.

Humanitarian shipments

Providing non-prescription drugs and medical supplies to support NGOs working in areas of severe deprivation.


If you wish to find out more about how your charity could partner with IHP, please email