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"The online EURMED donations process is fast and easy to use. It keeps accurate record for both donor and recipient organisations and provides full visibility of the status of each donation."

Reputation Communications Manager, 3M


“EURMED makes it easy to offer product for donation; it gives us an easy to use platform which provides increased visibility, greater traceability and several options to have more control over what will happen to our product. The program as a whole has given us the ability to coordinate our donations in an extremely helpful way.”

Customer Services Manager, Janssen

“We have made a point of donating as many products as possible where we can predict that it will not be needed in the UK market. EURMED has streamlined the whole process of donating our products to IHP. The system keeps you informed all the way through the process, and is one less barrier to donating product instead of just destroying it.”

Finance Director, Focus Pharmaceuticals

“I have found EURMED very easy to use. As soon as I am allocated any stock to donate I enter it straight away so that approved partners get visibility a lot quicker. As a company we would rather donate stock to worthy causes rather than destroy it - donating gives our team in supply chain a sense of pride knowing that our products will make a difference to people’s lives.”

Customer Service, Global Supply Chain, Smith & Nephew

“EURMED allows us to manage our product donation in a systematic way throughout the year.  It is quick, easy to use and once set up the process runs smoothly.”

Staekholder Strategy Manager, Pfizer

“EURMED is the perfect tool to handle medicines available for donation. Linking all the involved parties, it helped us to streamline and speed up all related processes.”

Planning & Logistics, Tecnimede Group

"Following the successful pilot with Actavis the company are pleased to support EURMED and look forward to working with this exciting new platform across their European operations."

VP Uk & Ireland, Actavis