A year of change, learning, hard work, some struggles and collaboration. And as we look back I can also say, in its unique way, a year to celebrate.


IHP envisions a world where no-one has to suffer due to a lack of access to medicine. Working remotely, without meetings, conferences, or visits to partners, and very little face to face time, the IHP team has done great things: established new partnerships delivered record-breaking volumes of product, and extended our reach. Despite the barriers and uncertainty, we have continued to enable access to needed, high-quality healthcare product for some of the most vulnerable communities around the world.

There have been many high points in 2020 for me. In November, the 11th outbreak of Ebola, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo was brought to end; an effort we were proud to support and cause for celebration.

2020 saw the establishment of the Product Giving Alliance, aligning IHP with other UK-based Gifts in Kind organisations FareShare, In Kind Direct and Charity Digital. The Alliance shows the power of the donated product in our own country and beyond. 

Finally, we celebrated the awarding of an MBE to Angela Gorman, the Founder of Life for African Mothers (LFAM). We are proud to support LFAM in their mission to provide safer births for women through our shared vision of enabling access to medicine.

For corporate partners, highlights include an extraordinary volume of donated product and new partnerships releasing product and financial support. Logistics colleagues are proud that they have delivered 5.7 million treatments to 35 countries. The IHP Programmes team has responded to 10 disasters and enabled access to record-breaking volumes of product to support ongoing healthcare needs, as well as the pandemic.

When we hear that 2 billion people in the world lack access to medicine, it can be overwhelming.  How can we, an organisation of 14 people, make an impact? Partnerships are at the heart of all we do, and this year our partnerships with funders, donors, companies, individuals and other NGOs have borne extraordinary fruit.  Thank you.

There’s much we want to leave behind in 2020, but as I look forward to 2021, it is with hope, knowing that we really can realise our vision to end needless suffering, together.



You can help us give health and hope to vulnerable communities around the world this Christmas season. A gift of £10 enables us to send £100 worth of medicine where it is most needed. Please consider a gift today.


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