Alloga UK provides supply chain solutions to the healthcare industry, offering specialist storage, fulfilment and distribution services to pharmaceutical, healthcare, medical device, veterinary and consumer product manufacturing companies. With 21 years of experience, it is passionate about providing the best possible service to clients. Its vision is to be the undisputed leading healthcare supply chain services provider in the UK, providing service excellence and innovation for healthcare.

Alloga UK supports us completely free of charge. Having worked with us for several years, it agreed in 2015 to help us expand our Essential Health Pack (EHP) programme. 

As part of this, Alloga UK now manages our EHP packing programme. This responsibility entails a series of tasks: checking the stock as it arrives, breaking it down into separate pallets, assigning particular units to each pack, putting units in boxes, checking everything is correct, and then sealing the packs up. In 2018, Alloga UK packed 275 EHPs for us, each one consisting of more than 800 courses of treatment in two boxes.Kitting

Once EHPs are packed at Alloga UK’s South Normanton site in Derbyshire, the company arranges for them to be transported to our other warehouse sites. There, they can be stored until they are taken out by EHP carriers or sent to NGO partners.

At times when we don’t have enough space at our DHL site, Alloga UK also provides warehousing to store excess donated stock. When a healthcare partner offers to make a large donation, for example, the capacity offered by Alloga means we never have to turn down needed medicines.

Alloga UK plays a vital role in our Essential Health Packs programme. Its expertise in picking and packing treatments makes it viable for us to run this programme. Without Alloga UK’s help, these essential supplies wouldn’t reach the people who need them.