International Health Partners has received a request for support from in-country partners has responded with five emergency shipments.


The catastrophic explosion that shook the city of Beirut in Lebanon on Tuesday, 4th August, to date has killed at least 220 people and injured over 7,000. Half of the city has been damaged from the blast. Acute shortages of medicines, medical supplies and equipment are a serious concern, as facilities that stored them were heavily damaged in the blast.


Seven IHP shipments have arrived in Lebanon since the explosion, in total containing over 174,000 treatments of critically needed medicines and medical supplies requested by our NGO partners on the ground, based on their needs such as antibiotics, anti-infectives, antifungals, anti-inflammatories, and wound bandages and dressings. We have additional shipments planned in the coming weeks to 4 of our in-country partners



At the time of the explosion, one of our in-country distributing partners had seven containers of medicines and medical supplies at the port. These were due to be used at clinics across the country – all were destroyed.


The Lebanese health system was already struggling given the triple challenges of:


  • Having more refugees per capita than any other country in the world (with refugees having extremely limited access to government health services).

  • Having experienced social and economic turmoil over recent months.  This has led to astronomical rises in the prices of many medicines, which in turn has contributed to severe medicine shortages.

  • The Covid-19 crisis, which has led to rising unemployment. making it difficult for individuals to buy their own medicines.  At the same time, reduced tax-income has further squeezed the government health budget.


In the coming weeks, we plan to provide over 300,000 treatments to Lebanon to help rebuild medicine stocks destroyed by the blast and to support those affected. Therefore, we will be procuring additional medicines and supplies to support partners’ efforts – please contact Lydia Amartey at [email protected] if you would like to donate products. 

We urgently need support for a series of shipments to help with rebuilding medicine stocks and addressing the severe medicine shortages in the country. Should any excess funds be received for this response these will be applied to our Disaster Fund to help facilitate a rapid response to other emergencies – including those that do not hit the headlines. 


Could you support our work in responding to disasters? Any support you are able to give will be enormously appreciated. 

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