In Burundi, we to supply healthcare products to support emergency nutrition. This project helps malnourished children and pregnant/lactating mothers. It aims to raise awareness about malnutrition and increase resilience. 

Democratic Republic of Congo

In Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), we have established a partnership catering for survivors of sexual violence, and women in need of complex gynaecological care. 


We have worked in Iraq since 2014 distributing medical aid across Iraqi Kurdistan and supporting the provision of health services in camps for internally displaced people and refugees.


Just under a third of Lebanon’s population are refugees. Working with our partner Anera, we distribute needed medicines and medical supplies to vulnerable populations including people from Syria, Palestine and Lebanon. Many displaced people have had their treatment disrupted, so our supplies of medicines for chronic conditions are badly needed. 


In Myanmar, our partner operates a community-led primary healthcare programme to deliver healthcare in underserved areas of the rural west, focusing on Chin and Rakhine states. We provide medicines to support the efforts of community health workers and traditional birth attendants across hundreds of villages.   


In Palestine, we support one of the few aid and relief organisations that consistently and reliably supplies much-needed medicines and supplies both to Gaza and to the West Bank. 

Sierra Leone

In Sierra Leone, we work with three partners providing a mix of products needed in disaster and longer term programming. 


In Somalia, we provide medical assistance across four regions facing acute shortages through our partner's medical centres and mobile clinics in order to reach remote communities with life-saving care. This includes facilitating medical responses to ongoing drought conditions and outbreaks of disease. 


In Tanzania, we partner with the country’s first paediatric oncology service in collaboration with a government-run national hospital in Dar es Salaam. As well as specialist care, the programme is also building a network of referral and treatment services across the country. 


Yemen is suffering from what the World Health Organisation (WHO) calls the “worst cholera outbreak in history”. Conflict and war have severely weakened its health system. We have worked in Yemen for four years in and despite recent blockades resumed donations.