With COVID-19 reaching almost every corner of the globe, we face a common threat. Every country now faces risks to health and livelihoods. We know, if the world cannot contain coronavirus globally, it will continue to be a threat to all of us. We must work together to eradicate this disease, and stand alongside the most vulnerable.


Before the pandemic began, two billion people around the world lacked reliable access to essential medicines. With COVID-19 reaching almost every corner of the globe, weakened systems and the people they serve are at greater risk.

In vulnerable communities and refugee camps around the world, COVID-19 threatens to exacerbate existing crises. It is already weakening frail health systems. The disruption caused by the pandemic – such as cancellation of flights and closure of borders, closure of health facilities and programmes – is making this a struggle.


In the last three years, IHP has sent 8.2 million treatments to more than 60 countries, helping 2.7 million people, often with lifesaving and life-changing impacts. We are the leading UK charity improving access to medicines worldwide by sourcing and supplying donated medicines to aid agencies


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During COVID-19, we will 


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