In The Dominican Republic, through IHP’s in-country partner Food For The Poor, we were able to deliver 107,840 treatments of the antibiotic vancomycin.

A third of people living in the Dominican Republic exist below the poverty line, and many face challenges such as water shortages and high unemployment. Our in-country partnerFood for the Poor (FFTP), is one of the US’s largest international relief and development organisationsand has been working here since 2000 to support vulnerable individuals and families. 

Thanks to this donation, the distribution of vancomycin has already helped to protect others from serious handicap. Daniel*, 65, suffers from kidney failure and diabetes, and has been attending the Cardio-Neuro Ophthalmological and Transplant Centre (CECANOT) in Santo Domingo for more than six months. Antibiotic use is necessary in the centre’s outpatient hemodialysis unit because patients receiving dialysis are at increased risk of infection. “We use a 1g vial of vancomycin injection to treat infections of the subclavian or fistula catheter required for transfusion,” explains Dr Fermin, a physician working in the unit. “With this, the improvement of the infection site is very favourable in a short time.”  

In Daniel’s case, the recent protection afforded by this donation of vancomycin has saved him from losing his leg to amputation. “Because of my diabetes, I had developed an ulcer on my right foot, but it is getting better now,” he says. “I am so very thankful for the antibiotic that I receive, and don’t know what would have [become] of my health if not for this medication.” Dr Fermin adds: “The donation has been of great help here at CECANOT, because patients who come... cannot afford to purchase this medication. If not for the medicine, their health would deteriorate and their lifespan would be shortened.”  

* Patient name and some details may have been changed to protect privacy​



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