Our current web-based donations platform was set up in June 2019. It’s a bespoke online platform that allows medicines and medical products to be donated securely, transparently and effectively. 

At International Health Partners, we aim to be needs-led.

Rather than take any product that healthcare companies may have spare, we look for potential recipients to tell us what they need – then we feed this back to help guide company provision. 

Our donations platform helps us to do this by matching donated healthcare products appropriately to the non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that serve people in need.  

How does it work? 

Healthcare companies sign up to the donations platform and give details about the medicines and medical products they can donate. We then offer these items to NGOs in the field.  

NGO partners can upload a list of their specific needs to the donations platform. This allows us, and our donor companies, to form a clearer picture of products that are needed.  

The process is ongoing and dynamic. Each cycle follows a number of simple steps: 

Donors submit product donation offers. 

  • Donors confirm products are stored in appropriate conditions. This helps us ensure that we accept only products that meet the right quality requirements. 
  • We invite NGO partners to review offers, providing access to all the information they need to make an informed decision about products offered.  
  • NGOs "bid" on an offer and advise us where they want to use products. 
  • We review all responses to the offer, then allocate products to the most suitable NGO.  

When products are allocated, we arrange for physical donation of stock to the NGO partner or partner programme.


Learn the basics

This video shows you how to make an offer of product using the IHP donations platform:

For more information on how you could use our donations platform please contact us

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