Donating products not only brings benefits for wider society; it also benefits our healthcare partner companies.

For companies, donations:

  • Reduce costs: by donating quality medicines, companies can avoid the costs of having to destroy their surplus products
  • Enhance reputation: companies that contribute to the good of society by donating products are often viewed more positively by employees, customers, governments, media and the public 

For society, donations:

  • Save lives: around the world, product donations make a huge difference to people who cannot otherwise get access to medicines
  • Meet needs: thanks to our online system that matches product donations with specific needs flagged up by our NGO partners, we can allow donors to track donations. They can also find out how they are being used
  • Increase impact: when companies donate different products in tandem, they often multiply the effectiveness of the resources they make available
  • Wider societal impact: product donations mean NGOs can spend resources on other aspects; free medicines means families and individuals don’t have to choose between medicine and food