In 2020, we’re proud to once again sponsor the corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative in the Global Generics and Biosimilar (GGB) awards, for a sixth consecutive year. 


As the sponsor of the CSR category, we’re looking to showcase initiatives that demonstrate clear evidence of how generics companies act responsibly in our fast-changing, globalised world. An initiative doesn’t have to be big or well established: in previous years, we’ve seen examples ranging from developed international programmes down to seedling ventures.

We welcome entries that are thoughtful, collaborative and demonstrate clear impact, showing how companies plan to make a difference in the long term. If you have an initiative in mind, here are some questions to consider: 

  • Does the programme identify a need and a solution?
  • Does it have key performance indicators to measure success?
  • Does the programme look to make a lasting impact (for example, training a community to overcome this problem in the future)?
  • Do the results match the original objectives?


For more information on how to enter, please visit the awards website. Don’t forget, entries close on 14th August – in just over a month’s time!