For nearly 15 years, IHP has worked with more than 100 companies across the healthcare industry

Companies donate:

 Prescription medicines

  • Over-the-counter medicines
  • Vaccines
  • Medical supplies, instruments and devices


IHP’s Wholesale Dealer's Authorisation guarantees that IHP treats products with the same diligence and care as the manufacturer.

Donations are warehoused in MHRA-approved facilities and, in the event of a recall, IHP can trace a product anywhere in the world. IHP assess all partners and conducts audits.

Planned donations

In order to meet the ongoing needs of our established programmes such as Essential Health Packs (EHPs) and Health Programmes, IHP seeks planned donations. Each year, IHP presents the needs of its programmes and asks for specific quantities of medicines and supplies from our partner companies.

Unplanned opportunities to donate

IHP encourages its partners to conduct regular inventory reviews in order to identify opportunities to donate suitable products.

Emergency appeals

When an emergency strikes, IHP puts out an urgent appeal for products to meet the needs on the ground.

Online system

All donations to IHP are processed through our cloud-based EURMED Online, which enables smarter working, transparency and traceability for all transactions. Please contact us to register for a EURMED Online account.

Guidelines for accepting a product offer

  • We promote the WHO Guidelines for Medicine Donations
  •  We will only accept donations that meet an existing and urgent need
  • We can only consider products with over 9 months dating
  • We reserve the right to determine the most appropriate location for the donation (we are, of course, happy to be told where we cannot send product)

 Why donate?

  • Humanitarian - it is the right thing to do. Product donations save lives, makes a difference and brings hope to those without access to medicines
  • Financial – donor companies can realise savings by avoiding the destruction costs of surplus quality medicines
  •  Reputation - making a positive contribution can enhance a donor’s reputation with employees, customers, media, Government and the public
  • Collaboration - by joining with many other companies, donors can multiply the effectiveness of the resources they have available
  • Our online system matches product donations to the specific needs of our aid agency partners. It allows donors to track their donations and see when they have arrived safely at destination

For more information about donating product, please contact Lydia Amartey [email protected]

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