Janssen UK     

Janssen UK is part of the Johnson and Johnson family of companies and is one of the world’s leading research-based pharmaceutical companies employing 500 staff and producing over 50 medical products across a range of therapy areas, including oncology, immunology and infectious diseases and vaccines.

IHP and Janssen have been in partnership for over 10 years, with Janssen supporting a range of programmes, including excess stock, IHP’s Essential Health Packs and long-term community health programmes. IHP’s relationship with Janssen has enabled the charity to coordinate the donation of over 1 million products since 2013.

Janssen and IHP work together in the follow ways:

  1. Through biannual donation of six products to IHP’s Essential Health Pack programme. The EHPs contain 800 treatments of primary healthcare medicines used in both disaster responses and in a community health setting.
  2. By providing specific medicines to a particular long-term health programme. One example is donating an anticancer drug for a Paediatric Oncology programme in Tanzania.
  3. By offering excess stock to a presented health need.

Mark Repath Customer Service Manager says “I had the privilege of being seconded by Janssen to IHP for 6 months which helped to develop and streamline how we at Janssen could partner together more effectively. We are fully committed to our partnership with IHP for the benefit of the patients who would otherwise be unable to access our medicines.”

Did you know? - every Essential Health Pack we have sent out has contained Janssen UK product