Joseph, a young boy of 8 years old, he was diagnosed with acute leukaemia and was admitted to a TLM’s Dar es Salaam ward in Tanzania. Joseph was very sad in hospital, he always cried wanting to leave, he was missing home and his siblings.

Joseph was suffering with recurrent fevers and joint pains. He was also having repeated bleeding under the skin; due to blood cancer affecting his normal cells. Various treatments were attempted to control this bleeding, but nothing worked. Then the doctors started adding IHP donated Traxenamic acid injections together with other cancer drugs. 

With this treatment Joseph’s bleeding began to reduce, his fever improved and the discomfort and pain from his joints disappeared. Joseph’s health has improved tremendously since this treatment – he is also now a lively and active boy in the ward, participating in all social activities. You will always find Joseph the centre of attention with the other kids with a big smile on his face.