In practice the logistics  of product donation can be  very complex. That’s where International Health Partners comes in.  


We specialise in working within the regulated supply chain and dealing with all donations in a safe and responsible manner. We receive only licensed European products, and our work is overseen by the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA).  Since products can often be delayed en route, we also ensure that they are sufficiently “long-dated” (with expiry dates that allow time for them to reach the people who need them) to be effective. 

We work closely with our external logistics partners, who provide the backbone to our work. Currently, we have three partners who help us sort and store donated products. They also help us prepare to move them from A to B in an efficient and responsible way. Our partners variously offer free warehousing, packing and transport.  

Find out more about our partners and how we work with them:  

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