With a new lockdown in the UK some are feeling down, some crushed, some just bored. That new year sense of ‘a fresh new start’ for lots of people is missing at the beginning of 2021.  But at IHP as we look at the past year, we’re thankful for all we’ve achieved.  We’re also excited about the future as we look forward to 2021 with hope, despite the cloudy start.


We have looked back on all that was achieved through our work, thanks to excellent partnerships and committed donors in 2020. In brief: 5.7m treatments to 35 countries. In real terms, those numbers mean lives have been saved, families helped and communities strengthened.



Thanks to the record-breaking activity of the IHP team in 2020, we are entering 2021 with a sure footing. The growing team has new opportunities to extend our reach into new countries such as Kenya, and therapy areas including neglected tropical diseases and mental health care.


We have ambitious targets for 2021, but we don’t know how the pandemic is going to influence them – plans have already changed! However, we remain committed to improving access to medicine for underserved communities around the world. This year we will be:


  • Developing new programmes focussing on additional therapy areas including neglected tropical diseases and mental health
  • Delivering the second stage of our unique donation platform, to better support the matching of demand and supply between our NGO partners and donor companies, and increase the efficiency of inventory management
  • Aligning with the Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS) to ensure we are adhering to, and driving best practice in our programmes
  • Onboarding new corporate and programme partners each targeting specific health needs


As a lean organisation, IHP is agile, responding quickly to need and delivering excellent products effectively. We are always seeking to improve our ways of working and to work with new partners to enhance our reach. As we look ahead in 2021, it is with a renewed sense of determination to bring an end to needless suffering due to a lack of access to medicine.


Good health is so fundamental. It underpins the ability of people to shape their own future. Through regular giving, you can be a champion for improved access to medicines and key health supplies.