Malawi’s health system is fragmented and under-resourced.  This month, as we continue to mark International Women’s Day, we feature four Malawian women we’ve met who use and deliver the country’s health services – two of whom have made the amazing journey from patient to healer. 


In March 2019, Cyclone Idai and its aftermath greatly increased demand for health services. For a time, this overwhelmed and crippled Malawi’s already struggling health sector. Many Malawians continue to lack access to health services: inadequate government provision means that even government hospitals have to tell people they must buy their own medicines from private pharmacies. In rural areas, facilities lack medicines crucial for community use.

Our team members Louise Hart and Michael Clout visited Malawi in November with our in-country partner Intercare to find out more about how our donated medicines are helping to save lives and provide relief. Here are some of the women they spoke to, in their own words.


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