International Health Partners has received a request for urgent medical supplies from in-country partners Project HOPE. We will work closely with our in-country partners to ship and distribute 30 Essential Health Packs to the region as a first response.


On September 27, heavy fighting broke out between Azerbaijan and Armenian forces in and around the contested region of Nagorno-Karabakh. Shelling and rocket fire have targeted densely populated cities and essential civilian infrastructure including hospitals. Fighting has continued and escalated despite multiple agreed ceasefires with hundreds of people said to have been killed, including civilians, with many more estimated to have been wounded.



Nagorno-Karabakh officials have estimated that approximately 50% of the region’s population and 90% of the region’s women and children (an estimated 70,000 people) have been displaced by the conflict, although detailed information is still unavailable. Access into the region for humanitarian aid is also limited both due to travel restrictions pertaining to COVID-19 and to land border closures between the two countries (two of Armenia’s four borders are closed, as they are shared with Azerbaijan and Turkey).

The situation of those who have been displaced is further exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic and approaching winter. Thousands of displaced people are likely in need of immediate assistance.  As of November 6, Armenia has over 100,000 confirmed Covid-19 cases.  Displaced populations, host communities, and those sheltering in shared bunkers are at heightened risk of Covid-19 transmission because of communal living spaces and insufficient hygiene supplies.



Response Activity:

Offering a lifeline in crises such as this, each Essential Health Pack contains approximately 800 courses of treatments, including a broad assortment of medicines such as antibiotics and analgesics; helping doctors and healthcare professionals deliver critical care and medicines in places where people can’t otherwise gain access.



Could you support our work in responding to disasters? Your support will ensure that lifesaving supplies and medicine can reach people facing violence and displacement in the Nagorno-Karabakh region. Please give today.

Should any excess funds be received for this response these will be applied to our Disaster Fund to help facilitate a rapid response to other emergencies – including those that do not hit the headlines. 

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