Pfizer is one the UK’s leading innovative biopharmaceutical companies, employing 2,500 staff and producing a range of over 160 medicines and vaccines for pharmacies, surgeries and hospitals across the UK.

IHP and Pfizer have been in partnership since 2004, with Pfizer supporting a range of programmes, including IHP’s Essential Health Packs, disaster responses and long-term community health programmes. This has enabled IHP to coordinate the donation of over 1 million Pfizer products during the partnership.

In 2018, Pfizer chose IHP as Charity of the Year, which has enabled IHP to engage with Pfizer staff. Activities have included packing dignity kits and staff fundraising. Through this partnership Pfizer is providing wider access to medicines for those in need around the world

Pfizer UK plans to donate medicines three times a year to the Essential Health Pack programme.  They also signpost healthcare professionals to EHPs to ensure that their donated medicines are reaching people most in need. 

Margaret Mortlock, CSR Manager, Pfizer UK, says “The company feels very privileged to support IHP.  Pfizer colleagues feel proud to be part of this programme and we are delighted when stories come to us from those who are at the sharp end, confirming how the medicines have saved lives”.  

Did you know? -  Pfizer support us in the UK, Europe and through their global function in the US, donating cash, planned product and staff time.