Promesse is from Kalonge in east DRC. "I have always had complications in childbirth and seem to lose a lot of blood. After my previous pregnancy, the doctor advised me not to conceive again as the risk was too high but unfortunately, I became pregnant again. The village midwife gave me traditional products to help me give birth. There were 4 of us who took these products during our pregnancies but instead of helping us, it seems that these products in fact added further complications to pregnancy and birth. 2 out of the 4 of us who took these traditional products gave birth but sadly died of hemorrhage. So I got scared. I decided to come to give birth in a big hospital in the city.

I [traveled by] vehicle; on the trip I told my story to a woman who was traveling with us. That woman told me there is a hospital called St Vincent who has a medicine they prescribe to women to avoid losing a lot of blood during childbirth. She gave me the address and I came.

I gave birth to a healthy baby however immediately after the birth, I started to lose a lot of blood. I was really afraid to leave my children without a mother. The doctors immediately came to assist and gave me three tablets to put under the tongue. The hemorrhage however continued. They did a lot of other interventions before prescribing me another 3 tablets. After 45 minutes, the hemorrhage finally stopped… I am very happy because I am now as healthy as my newborn baby. Thanks to all the caring people and donors who support our hospital St Vincent.”