Provide Healthcare today for a better tomorrow

Access to medicine is the biggest challenge facing the world’s poorest countries.

Too many people are suffering and dying from health issues that are preventable due to a lack of access to medicine


Become an IHP healthcare champion and show the world you care

Making a monthly donation is the best way to ensure high-quality medicines and health supplies are provided to those who desperately need them, in regions where supplies may be intermittent, stock may run out, and false, counterfeit, or sub-standard medicines may be common. As an IHP healthcare champion, you will change and save lives


Set up your monthly donation


A monthly gift of just £10 has more impact than you think

£10 – £100 worth of medicines – 200 treatments – provided to at least 65 people

2,400 treatments a year – 800 lives

When disaster strikes your monthly contribution will also help IHP to respond more quickly and more effectively by providing pre-positioned supplies which can be utilised immediately to aid those who have lost everything.

We will stay in touch to keep you up to date on how you’re making a difference

  • Hear how your support is contributing to improving access to medicines and healthcare supplies around the world
  • Hear inspiring stories from people helped
  • Learn more about global health issues



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