12 Essential Health Packs, sent by IHP, arrived in the Bahamas on Friday 13th September, and a further 6 Essential Health Packs were sent on Thursday 12th September, after the devastation of Hurricane Dorian. The category 5 storm, the strongest to hit the Bahamas, made landfall with 185mph winds on 1st September and caused widespread destruction and damage across the island over two days. The official death toll has risen to at least 50 and tens of thousands of people remain homeless. With more than 76,000 people affected. The need for emergency medicines is critical.

The 18 Essential Health packs are being used by our in-country partners on the ground on the island of Grand Bahama to provide 16,812 courses of treatment to families who need them urgently, giving many people lifesaving aid. The treatments will be focused on the central and eastern parts of the island, which were the most affected by the storm and where the health system has been decimated.

IHP has been able to provide immediate emergency medicines to those suffering after some of the world’s worst natural disasters. Earlier this year over 39,000 treatments were sent to Mozambique and Malawi in response to Cyclone Idai and last month we delivered more than 92,000 treatments to Venezuela.

This is only possible because of the generosity of our supporters and health partners, enabling us to pre-position Essential Health Packs which can be shipped to our partners in-country at a moment’s notice. IHP will continue working to support the ongoing relief efforts in the Bahamas. We are currently fundraising to provide a further 60,000 treatments to the Bahamas.


Will you support this work to ensure that our life-saving medicines can reach those in desperate need as soon as possible? A gift of £10 will provide at least 30 treatments to communities, like those in the Bahamas, to enable critical healthcare efforts.       


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