Cyclone Idai brought devastation to the lives of millions of people in Mozambique, Malawi and elsewhere. Hundreds of people were killed and millions left in critical need of food, water, sanitation and shelter. The devastation caused significant damage to the health infrastructure which vastly reduced access to essential healthcare services. In the aftermath, cases of cholera and malaria spiked. 

Thanks to your generous support, we’ve shipped 56 of our Essential Health Packs to four NGO partners working in Mozambique and Malawi:


  • Medical Teams International (MTI)
  • Project Hope
  • International Medical Corps
  • World Relief


These packs contain both emergency medicines and treatments for chronic conditions. For example, the antibiotics in the pack can treat infections arising from unsanitary conditions associated with flooding, while analgesics and anti-inflammatories can manage pain, and medicines such as metformin are used to treat diabetes. 


A family stands in front of their storm damaged home


Our on-the-ground partners have distributed medicines to families who need them urgently, in some cases giving lifesaving aid. Medical Teams International told us it arrived with our packs within a week of Cyclone Idai’s landfall, identifying a strong international NGO, Health Alliance International in the city of Beira, Mozambique to receive them. Medicines were sent to Manga Mascarenhas Health Centre.


In total, we’ve sent out 39,554 courses of treatment to Mozambique and Malawi. 


Providing medicines to remote regions

One such family that received IHP treatments was Imani and her five grandchildren. When the flooding came as a result of Cyclone Idai, Imani grabbed her five grandchildren and ran to safety. They climbed a mango tree where they stayed for five days. She tied her grandchildren to the branches of the tree with items of her clothing and survived off the food that floated past in the floodwater. By the time the floodwaters receded, her grandchildren were very sick from skin infections, diarrhoea and injuries from being tied to the tree branches. Imani knew the only hope for them was the local health centre. Because of you, International Health Partners had equipped that health centre with the medicines needed to treat these injuries. “I am extremely grateful for the care that me and my family received,” Imani said. “I’m amazed that the care was able to be provided in my remote area.”


When the crisis passes, it can be easy to forget that needs don’t necessarily go away. It takes time to rebuild – and we’ll continue to provide medicines to our partners when they need our support.


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