IHP has been working in Iraq since 2014 and operates a temperature controlled warehouse in Erbil in collaboration with our partner Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation, through which we distribute medical aid across Iraqi Kurdistan, supporting the provision of health services in IDP and refugee camps, mobile health clinics, and government hospitals. In this way, we were able to supply 650,000 treatments of essential medicine as well as specialised treatments for chronic diseases last year. We also work with a couple of other partners in Iraq, IMC and Humanity First.


Yemen is suffering from what the WHO has called the “worst cholera outbreak in history”. After three years of war, the health system is severely weakened. Over the past 4 years, IHP has worked with partners in Yemen including the WHO and World Relief. Despite the disruption to shipments over the past year due to the blockade of ports, IHP has been able to resume donations and most recently sent a shipment of medications to support the cholera response, working with a local partner on the ground. We are looking to scale up this work in future to meet the urgent and extensive needs.


In Lebanon, where just under a third of the population are refugees, IHP is working with our local partner Anera to distribute vitally needed medicines and medical supplies to vulnerable populations including those from Syria, Palestine and Lebanon. The donations are used in hospitals, clinics, and refugee camps and settlements across the country. Anera is able to do this through their strong relationship with the YMCA in Lebanon. There is a particular need for chronic medicines for those whose treatment schedules have been disrupted the displacement.


Our partner Anera have worked in West Bank since 1968 and are one of the few Gaza aid and relief organizations that can consistently and reliably bring in much needed medicines and supplies to both Gaza and the West Bank. IHP is supporting Anera to equip clinics and hospitals in both territories.


IHP works in Jordan with two partners to provide essential healthcare services in the refugee camps that are currently home to Palestinian and Syrian refugees. IHP supports Anera and International Medical Corps by supplying them with mental health medication, essential primary healthcare medicines, such as antibiotics and antihypertensives, and the medical supplies needed to run their health programmes. 


IHP supplies essential primary healthcare medicines, such as antibiotics and antihypertensives, to partner organisations working in Syria.