IHP is part of a group of NGOs that are liaising with the UK Government over what more can be done to respond to the growing Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone.




Healing a hurting world

International Health Partners (IHP) is a charity dedicated to improving access to health care and medicines in the developing world. We partner with companies from across Europe to provide donated medical aid to organisations serving children and adults in the most needy communities. Thanks to the generousity of our donors and delivery partners, since we were established in 2004 we have been able to donate £125 million of medical aid to reach millions of people in 103 countries. Together we are making a difference.

IHP is a member of the Partnership for Quality Medical Donations, a member of the Health + Hope Alliance and is approved by the Fundraising Standards Board.

How we do it

We work closely with medical charities and healthcare professionals worldwide to match their needs with donated medical products and expertise from all sectors of Europe's healthcare industry. All donated medical product is first quality, in-date and provided against a specifically identified need.

Based in the UK, IHP operates in tandem with the UK Government's Department for International Development and Ministries of Health in the developing world.

IHP endorses and promotes best practice in medical donations as outlined in the WHO Guidelines for Medicine Donations. IHP was one of the dozen principal consultees for the revision of these guidelines over the past 2 years.



Ebola Update

In the last few weeks, the infection rates for the virus have grown significantly, and the local healthcare system does not have the resources required to be able to isolate and contain the virus. The number of patients being infected is doubling every 3 weeks. Unless significant efforts are made during October to isolate and contain the spread of the virus, it is predicted that by Christmas up to 1.5 million people will have been infected. The mortality rate is currently at around 70%.

The most urgent need in Sierra Leone is for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). This affords healthcare workers the protection they need against the virus when working in close quarters with infected (or suspected infected) patients. We are also aware of significant needs for personal hygiene and disinfectant products.

We are not, as yet, looking to source donations of essential medicines because the teams on the ground are very stretched and are focused on isolating the virus first. It is difficult even to estimate the quantities required due to the chaotic nature of the situation. However, we expect that in the coming weeks we will be launching a broader appeal for medicines to the industry.

If you wish to make a donation towards our response to the Ebola Crisis, please click here.



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