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Today, two billion people live without reliable access to essential medicine, causing enormous suffering and avoidable deaths. We believe that everyone everywhere should be able to access the medicines they need.

If you believe this too, join the Change Makers, our community of monthly givers, to make a lasting difference to improve access to safe medicines for families and healthcare workers around the world.

Monthly donations help us do more

When you sign up to join the Change Makers, your monthly gift becomes a powerful tool in the fight for lasting change. Your monthly commitment allows us to:

Plan over the long-term

Regular donations help put our programme funding on a more sustainable footing so global health projects can be planned over the long-term and stock levels of medicine maintained.

Respond to urgent situations

When disaster strikes your monthly gift will help us to respond more quickly and effectively by providing pre-positioned supplies which can be utilised immediately.

Meet neglected health needs

When governments or other healthcare providers fail to give adequate priority to certain therapy areas, your support helps fill the gaps in medicine provision.

The community

Change Makers is a community of people just like you who are committed to improving the global health outlook for the world’s most vulnerable people. When you sign up to join the change makers you’ll be:

  • Connected: We’ll keep you updated on our programmes and how your support is contributing to improve access to medicines and healthcare supplies around the world.
  • Informed: You’ll learn more about the global health issues facing our world and how you can be part of the solution to bring about equitable access to healthcare.
  • Inspired: You’ll receive compelling stories from those directly impacted through your donation, inspiring you to continue to make a lasting change for those living without reliable access to healthcare.

Donate monthly

See how your donation makes a difference

£5 is enough to source and send £600 worth of medical supplies a year to people in need; enough to help approximately 50 people around the world.

£10 is enough to source and send £1,200 worth of medical supplies a year to people in need; enough to help approximately 100 people around the world.

£25 is enough to provide around 750 treatments in a year, helping approximately 250 people in need; and for some, is the difference between life & death.

£100 is enough to provide medicines and supplies for approximately 1,000 people a year living in disaster-hit and vulnerable communites.

Whatever you give, you could be making a life-changing, even life-saving difference to someone every month.

Join with us to make change happen

The work we do together can ensure that the most vulnerable will have access to the medicines they need when they need them.