What we do

At least two billion people worldwide live without reliable access to essential medicines. We believe that everyone, everywhere should be able to access the healthcare they need.

To make this a reality, we source and ship medicines and health supplies to help equip clinics, hospitals and healthcare workers around the world to change and save lives.

How we make it happen

We source

Working with our partners, we source medicines and medical supplies that will ensure good health for people who otherwise wouldn’t have access to it.

We ship

We deliver these supplies to wherever they are needed most to help vulnerable and crisis-hit healthcare systems.

We distribute

Through our partners on the ground, we distribute these medicines and medical supplies at no cost to the people who need them.

Four ways we help

We respond…

when disaster strikes around the world, we quickly ship our Essential Health Packs to cover the critical healthcare needs of the communities affected. Even as the headlines on the crisis disappear, we continue to support weakened health systems and help vulnerable communities to recover.

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We support…

vulnerable communities around the world with long term medical programmes and local healthcare. We use our network of health partners to source medicines, and respond to specific health needs based on the assessments made by our NGO partners - ranging from child oncology to supporting mental health.

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We equip…

equip our NGO partners to provide critical healthcare to medical workers, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and hard-to-reach communities with poor access to care.

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We speak up…

to raise awareness of the global health issues and inequalities affecting vulnerable communities. We inspire action and change to break down barriers and ensure everyone, everywhere has access to the healthcare they need.

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IHP works around the world

IHP has delivered medical supplies to 76 vulnerable or disaster-hit countries around the world. Explore our map to see what we’ve done.

Stories from some of the countries we work in

We achieve more by working with our partners

Partnerships are at the heart of our work. We draw on their expertise and resources to ensure our healthcare delivery is as efficient, safe, targeted and impactful as possible. Let’s deliver healthcare for everyone, together. See the ways you can partner with us below.


We partner with Non-Governmental Organisations working in the countries and communities we serve. They help us to focus upon the specific and most neglected health needs of vulnerable populations, greatly improving the impact of our work.

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Pharmaceutical companies

We work with a strong network of healthcare partners who generously donate long-dated, high-quality products that sustainably meet the needs of our NGO partners.

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Logistics companies

We partner with specialist logistics companies who generously donate pro-bono or discounted warehousing space, packing and transport services for donated medical products.

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See our work in action in Haiti