Essential Health Packs are foundational to our work. These portable packs are filled with a range of essential treatments, medicines and supplies that can be used by healthcare professionals who go overseas to run medical missions beyond Europe.  

We also make our Essential Health Packs available to NGO partners who deliver healthcare in settings with few resources, and who are responding to disaster situations and humanitarian crises.  

What’s in the pack? 

Each Essential Health Pack contains a range of medicines to support the delivery of critical primary healthcare in any setting. As these packs are portable, they can be transported by individuals to act as mobile pharmacies, wherever needed.   

A single pack comprises two boxes which are easily transportable and which have a combined weight of around 20kgs. Every pack contains a broad range of primary healthcare treatments, including antibiotics, antifungals, anti-sickness tablets, pain killers, anti-inflammatories and anti-parasitics.  

A single pack includes a minimum of 800 courses of treatment for common health conditions in adults and children.  All medicines in the packs have been donated directly by healthcare manufacturers. We ensure they are long-dated, with a minimum of 16 months’ use when packed, and all products have appropriate paperwork such as Certificates of Analysis.  

To make sure the contents of our packs remain relevant and useful, we seek regular feedback from the people who use them.  

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“The pack provides all the essential medicines needed in the field hospitals and clinics; each pack can make the difference between life and death for countless children and adults.- Dr Hazel Butler