Andriy, Moldova

The crisis in Ukraine is causing extensive humanitarian situation. One of these is the mass displacement of people. In neighbouring Moldova, we are providing care to refugees like Andriy, who was forced to leave his diabetes medication at home when he was forced to flee.

How we're helping people like Andriy

With one-third of Ukrainians being forced from their homes and with more than 7.5 million border crossings from Ukraine since the start of the conflict, a refugee crisis has been created. Most of those who fled the Ukraine conflict are now in neighbouring countries such as Poland and Moldova.

IHP works in Moldova with our partner, Medical Teams International, supplying them with Essential Health Packs (EHPs) which are used to equip clinics serving refugees fleeing the conflict with essential supplies and medicines. In April, IHP shipped 14 EHPs to Medical Teams International in Moldova, containing over 11,250 treatments to support over 3,750 patients.

One of the many people supported in Moldova is a man named Andriy from Ukraine (pictured above). He arrived in Moldova in April, having made the journey with his wife in order to care for his 82-year-old mother-in-law who had been in refugee accommodation in the country alone.

"I miss my home so badly. I just want to be there again"

- Andriy -

Andriy suffers from diabetes and had run out of his medication. When he was examined, he registered a blood pressure of 190/104. A reading this high is considered a hypertensive crisis. Medics on the scene were very concerned about Andriy suffering severe health complications if left untreated. Instead, Andriy was able to receive medication to keep his diabetes and high blood pressure under control free of charge.

While he once had a job in Ukraine as a grain exporter, he was forced to leave his home behind as the fighting drew nearer. Andriy has since heard reports of shelling in his hometown. He worries for his home, and that the life he once lived may be no more. Most of all, he is concerned for his family, especially his grandson and granddaughter who remain in Ukraine. “I miss my home so badly,” he told the medical staff. “I just want to be there again.” 

Andriy’s primary wish cannot, for now, be fulfilled. There is nothing IHP or Medical Teams International can do to stop Andriy’s worry about the fate of his hometown, or his concerns that life will never be the same again. Yet, working together, we can ensure that refugees like Andriy get access to the high-quality medical treatment they need to stay healthy.


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