Our healthcare partners

We couldn’t achieve what we do without the support of our pharmaceutical partners who generously donate the medicines and medical supplies we distribute to our NGO partners globally. These donations are vital in enabling a quick response to disasters, supporting long term health programmes, and ensuring our Essential Health Packs are stocked to provide critical primary healthcare delivery in any setting.

Our process

IHP are experts in quality management, warehousing, logistics and delivering healthcare to vulnerable and disaster-hit countries. Here’s how it works:

  • 1. Product is offered by corporate donor – either via requested planned donations or through excess stock offers

  • 2. Product is uploaded to our donation platform and offered out to NGO partners

  • 3. NGO acceptances are submitted and IHP notify the donor

  • 4. Accepted products are delivered to IHP warehouse for consolidation, processing and shipping

What our partnership means for you

Our corporate partners benefit from the contribution we make to their Corporate Social Responsibility, Environmental Social and Governance initiatives and help in avoiding the costs associated with destruction of medicines.

IHP are a trusted organisation within the sector with stringent quality management procedures; we are a licensed non-profit Wholesale Distribution Authorisation (WDA) holder and fully regulated by the MHRA.

What our partners say

IHP saves and improves lives, improves our reputation, reduces our wastage and engages our employees.
- Mark Repath, customer service manager at Janssen -

Our healthcare partners are helping to save lives across the world

We have a community of over 25 healthcare companies who donate medicines and medical supplies to bring healthcare to those most in need

Three ways you can donate

1. Planned product donations (manufacture to donate)

Donors manufacture product with a view to donate it to IHP. This is a more strategic and sustainable way of donating product which can be used to support our Essential Health Pack programme and build bulk shipments from our warehouse to our NGO partners to support long-term health programmes.

2. Excess product donations

Donors identify stock they cannot sell but is still viable for use and offer it to IHP. Product offers are uploaded to our bespoke donations platform and offered out to select NGO partners. All medicines are offered free of charge to IHP and distributed free of charge to patients.

3. Corporate Funding

Financial donations enable the operational functions of IHP to continue. Our model is highly cost effective. We can distribute more than £10 worth of medical supplies for every £1 donated.  We welcome flexible funding for use where most needed but we can restrict support to certain regions of the world in line with a company’s requirements

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