Disaster response is a key part of our work. International Health Partners was established in response to a disaster (the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami), and we continue to respond today.

When major catastrophes occur, we enable others to give help effectively. 

 Our role is two-fold:  

  • To coordinate the response of the global healthcare industry. 
  • To work with on-the-ground partners to deliver immediate and life-saving medical aid 


Stage 1: Initial response

In the immediate aftermath of a disaster, we send Essential Health Packs. Portable and with a wide range of essential medicines, these ready-to-go packs are hugely valuable in disaster settings.  

Stage 2: Recovery  

When our on-the-ground partners have completed preliminary assessments of need, we work to fill gaps in the supply chain. To do this, we send bulk shipments of commonly used medicines which can help to repair and boost the local supply chain. 

Often we will work through alliances such as the Integral Alliance or partners on the ground such as International Medical Corps who may already be in country with established networks. 

Stage 3: Reconstruction 

As time goes on, we provide medical resources that can support efforts to strengthen the capacity of a country's health system. They can also help to improve resilience in years to come. 


Hear Louise Hart, our Director of Programmestalk about how we respond to disasters.

IHP has become the number one partner that we go to when an emergency strikes and we need to get supplies to the field quickly. It has the ability to move more rapidly than any other organisation that we work with and consistently exceed expectations. ” - NGO partner

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