We are the largest coordinator of donated medical products in Europe, with a strong network of product donors, known as our Healthcare partners. Most of these partners are pharmaceutical companies and medical supplies companies. 

Through our healthcare partners, we secure a wide range of essential medicines and medical supplies. 

As a licensed and regulated distributor of medical aid (regulated by the MHRA), we maintain a safe and secure supply chain. We vet all partner companies, asking each to supply a copy of its wholesale license and sign a donor distribution agreement.  We pay close attention to the licensing, dating, labelling language and quality of all product donations. 

With a network of carefully selected distribution (NGO) partners, we work hard to ensure that donated products are used only where they can strengthen local health systems and meet genuine needs.  

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We are very proud to have been able to contribute to IHP’s great work in reaching the needy in almost unreachable parts of the world.” - BD, healthcare partner


Our Healthcare Partners