Leave a legacy that will last for generations

Give the gift of healthcare by considering IHP in your Will to help deliver essential medicine and improve the lives of countless families in need for years to come.

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Your gift will help to save and change lives for the better


Through your legacy, they will be able to access healthcare during their critical early years of development. This prevents chronic ill health and disabilities which can last a lifetime and ensures they will be able to attend school regularly.

Your gift will maintain their health, allowing them to work, provide and be active parents or grandparents. Your support will provide stability to families through the supply of medicines and health products.

Healthcare workers
Your legacy will ensure hospitals and clinics stay stocked meaning healthcare workers will no longer have to turn patients away because they don't have the medicines to prescribe them.

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We’ve partnered with Octopus Legacy, the expert Will-writing service, to offer you the option to make a will for free. Leave a life-giving legacy and get peace of mind with Guardian Angel's expert, easy to use and confidential Will writing service.

The entire process can be done online by clicking the button below. If you would prefer to talk directly with a solicitor, you can call 0800 773 4014 to use their telephone service or to arrange a face-to-face appointment. Just quote ‘IHP Free’ over the phone.

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Where else could your support have such a big impact?

Since 2004, we have shipped 82.2 million medical treatments to 76 countries. We will use your gift to improve access to medicines across the world.

A bequest of £10,000 would help us to provide £100,000 worth of medicines and an estimated 25,000 treatments to thousands of people in need.

How we use your gift to bring lasting change

Treating non-communicable diseases

Although medicines for managing diabetes or hypertension are relatively low-cost, many simply cannot afford them. Your legacy gift can help to make these vital medicines available for free, preventing avoidable deaths or disabilities that leave those affected unable to work.

Funding our emergency response work

Whether we are responding to natural or manmade disasters, your legacy gift can help to make systemic changes. Our medical donations are often a turning point in improving access to medicines for communities in crisis.

Promoting sustainable health projects

Legacy giving helps us to plan and implement global healthcare projects over the longer term. Your gift will bring life-saving and life-changing impact for future generations. Providing hope for years to come.

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