Become a health champion

Two billion people in the world lack reliable access to the essential medicines they need. We think this is unacceptable. Yet we are not powerless. Together, we can make a real difference.

From painting pet portraits to running marathons, become an IHP health champion as an individual, a team or even a company and do the things you love to help us in our global mission.

How we use your gift to bring lasting change

Medical Kit

Sending our Essential Health Packs (EHPs)

Access to essential medicines can be a vital lifeline for communities in remote, hard-to-reach areas, or for people coping in the wake of a disaster. EHPs help us reach those most in need. Your support will help fund the packing and shipping of these packs where they’re most needed.

Treating non-communicable diseases

Although medicines for managing diabetes or hypertension are relatively low-cost, many simply cannot afford them. Your legacy gift can help to make these vital medicines available for free, preventing avoidable deaths or disabilities that leave those affected unable to work.

Funding our emergency response work

Whether we are responding to natural or man-made disasters, your legacy gift can help to make systemic changes. Our medical donations are often a turning point in improving access to medicines for communities in crisis.

How to get started

Step 1 – Set up your fundraising page

Once you’ve decided what to do, setting up your fundraising page is quick and easy. Then you’ll be ready to start raising money and helping  people around the world who don’t have access to the medicines they need.

Let’s get your campaign started with JustGiving!

Start a campaign

Step 2 - Spread the word

Tell anyone and everyone who will listen about your fundraiser. Ask friends and family to reach into their pockets and donate to help you reach your goal. Set yourself an ambitious fundraising goal and go for gold. People can track your progress via your JustGiving page.

Step 3 - Celebrate your achievement

Your campaign is over, you’re a Health Champion! Your funds will go towards providing healthcare where it is most needed. We will let you know about the kinds of projects and people your money has helped.

Meet your fellow champions:


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raised over £3,500 running the Virtual London Marathon


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raised over £1,500 running the London Marathon for IHP

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