Bassima, Central African Republic

In the Central African Republic, widespread poverty and economic instability means many patients are unable to afford the healthcare they need.  

Our Essential Health Packs ensure patients across the world can access life-saving treatments, even in areas facing ongoing difficulties. They are a portable, pre-packed kits, filled with a range of essential medicine, and offer a lifeline to many healthcare facilities operating in hard-to-reach or disaster-hit areas like the Central African Republic.  

A recent donation of 12 Essential Health Packs to our in-country partner, the Mukwege Foundation, enabled doctors and nurses at the Friendship University Hospital in Bangui to take care of 1,017 patients.  

One of these, was Bassima, who suffered complications following her second pregnancy: 

"I suffered an involuntary loss of urine for six years. I lived with this condition, because everywhere I went to seek care, I was asked to pay huge sums that I unfortunately did not have. I was socially isolated and excluded - I could no longer see my friends, go to church or the market to earn money,” says Bassima. After hearing about the Friendship Hospital and the opportunity to receive treatment free of charge, Bassima was welcomed and underwent surgery to address her condition. “Two weeks after the operation I returned home mentally and physically healed. Today, I have regained my place in society, and I feel happy, because [the treatment I received] has transformed me and led me to rebuild myself."   

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