Esther & Reginald, Haiti

A donation of 311,949 treatments of assorted essential medicine to Haiti were distributed across a number of different health facilities including the Hôpital City Med located in the heart of the city of Les Cayes. This hospital serves the population by offering maternity care, surgery and services in internal medicine. Les Cayes is south of Port-au-Prince and is one of the major cities of Haiti with approximately 125,799 inhabitants.

According to our in-country partner, about 77 institutions are providing health care to the population and hospitals only represent 20% of that number. The remaining 80% of facilities is divided between health care centres and nonhospital structures. With Haiti’s current political upheaval and the surge of gang violence, it has been difficult for hospital personnel to travel to Port-au-Prince to purchase much-needed medical supplies. Through our  in-country partner, Food for the Poor, Hôpital City Med receives donations of medicine and other medical supplies to provide better services and improve access to care in the community.


Esther, 56, is a seamstress in Haiti. She was admitted to the hospital for uncontrolled high blood pressure, a condition she has been suffering from for 10 years. Recently she has been unable to afford her medication after losing almost everything when the recent earthquake hit, including her husband, her house and even her stored medicine. “I was completely devastated”, Esther said. 

A recent donation of hypertensive medication from IHP to our in-country partner, Food For The Poor, meant that Esther’s condition could be stabilised, and she could receive the treatment free of charge. 

“Without these contributions, we don’t know what we would do in this moment,” Reginald Jean Gilles, the hospital director said. “There are so many people in need, people with no other access to care and people who cannot afford their medication.”

Reginald Jean Gilles

“The donation provided to the hospital contributes greatly to improve people’s health,” said Reginald Jean Gilles, our in-country partner representative. “I don’t know how else these facilities would be able to provide care if it were not for the generosity of Food For The Poor’s donors [like International Health Partners].”

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