Hiba & Nafisa, South Sudan

Working with our in-country partner International Medical Corps, we shipped 19,200 pre-filled saline syringes to South Sudan in September 2021. These were distributed to health facilities serving a target population of 77,769 Internally Displaced Peoples (IDP) residing in the Juba, Wau and Malakal IDP camps. The supplies also helped to provide quality health services to the vulnerable in 20 additional health facilities in Upper Nile state and Jonglei.  

International Medical Corps serves IDPs seeking temporary shelter at IDP camps. However, these facilities face various challenges such as deteriorating infrastructure and inconsistent supplies of vaccines, pharmaceuticals and medical supplies – a situation that limits access to healthcare for IDPs and host communities alike. Many IDPs access health services through International Medical Corps-managed health facilities. Therefore, maintaining adequate stocks of essential medicines is paramount and donations through IHP, ensure the teams can continue to provide quality healthcare services. 


Hiba, 20, has been living in IDP camps in Juba since 2018 with her husband and two daughters. Hiba’s husband works as a motorcycle driver, but the income from her husband’s work does not cover all her family’s expenses. 

They have been relying on food provided by NGOs and on the free medical services that International Medical Corps provides in the camp. In the last week of November, Hiba’s daughter became ill with an infection. She and her husband could not afford treatment, so she immediately rushed the child to the International Medical Corps health facility in Juba IDP Camp.  

Here, she was attended to by doctors and nurses who performed tests to diagnose her daughter. The doctors prescribed the necessary medications for her health conditions, and she is now recovering well after receiving treatment. Hiba is very thankful for the continued health services and support to people in Juba IDP camp. 



Nafisa is a 27-year-old mother of five children. She has been staying in Juba IDP Camp 3 since 2016 with her husband. Since Nafisa’s husband is unemployed, they often rely on donations and gifts from friends and family members. Nafisa is very thankful for the presence of free quality health services to the population as many people like her and her family rely entirely on these free medical services. 

Whenever one of her children is sick, Nafisa brings them to the International Medical Corps health facility in the camp. Here, she can depend on the clinic to get her children the right treatments and consistently receives the necessary medications. Nafisa believes that without the presence of this clinic in the camp, life would have been more difficult for her and other families. She highly appreciates and thanks International Medical Corps and its partners like IHP and urges them to continue their support to the vulnerable people and communities in the IDP camps. 

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