Jamal, Ethiopia

We have sent our partners in Ethiopia large donations of mebendazole, which can be given in tablet form to children to prevent them becoming ill with parasitic intestinal worms.

Jamal is a three-year-old boy who lives in a small rural village in the country’s Somali region. The climate is very dry and although most people depend on farming livestock to make a living, the region is prone to chronic drought. This can predispose children to malnutrition and other diseases.

The image above is not of Jamal or his mother it is just a representation to protect patients privacy 

When Jamal developed diarrhoea and tummy cramps, his family could not get treatment locally. Through our donation, which was sent to a regional health bureau, they were able to get the tablets he needed. Our partner USAID Transform HDR has also sent the bureau other medical supplies which will continue to help children who live in the village and nearby.

Jamal’s mother, who has six other children, told us: “My four eldest children have a history of recurrent diarrhoea. Previously we visited health facilities and received treatment but then, due to shortage of supplies, the children didn’t receive the treatment. If my children face this kind of illness, we can’t always visit health facilities in the town because we are a pastoral community and we always go where our cattle go in search of pasture and a livelihood. Fortunately, when Jamal had this disease, I was able to go to the facility and received mebendazole. Thanks to this, my child is now well and does not feel any symptoms.”

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