Omar, Gaza

Heparin Sodium is an anticoagulant drug and one of its core uses is to prevent blood clotting during operations. In relation to Coronary Bypass procedures, Heparin is used to prevent clots in the bypass machine which would be fatal to the patient. For this reason, coronary bypass surgery cannot be performed without the Heparin drug as there is a high risk of clotting when on bypass. The drug is also used in CATH procedures which are a less invasive method of cardiovascular surgery. Given the large number of cardiovascular procedures the Al Qud hospital performs, Heparin is a vital and lifesaving drug that is in constant demand with an average of 5 vials being used per procedure.

Omar is a 70 year old male and had coronary bypass surgery the day prior to our interview with him. He had no symptoms of his condition beforehand but problems with his heart were detected in a routine ECHO exam carried out by the Al Qud hospital. He was immediately referred for open heart surgery to replace a damaged heart value which left untreated, would have been life threatening. Thanks to the donation of Heparin from IHP, the hospital had sufficient supply to perform Omar’s lifesaving surgery. 5 Heparin vials were required for Omar’s bypass operation. The surgery was a huge success and amazingly, he left ICU the day after his surgery. A few days later, he was booked in for a CATH procedure to put in a stent which would open up the blood flow to his heart. Heparin was also required for this procedure to prevent blood clotting.

Omar has a supportive family who were all visiting him at his inpatient bed. His daughter, an Obstetrics and Gynaecology doctor, said “this came as a complete shock but we are so glad the damaged value was detected and treated so quickly… we are so grateful for the donation of Heparin that meant my father could have his surgery”.

When asked how he was feeling, Omar said “I’m feeling perfect”

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