Responding to Hurricane Dorian with life-saving treatments

Pre-positioning essential medicines helps save lives in the Bahamas

Hurricane Dorian made landfall in the Bahamas on September 1, affecting the lives of tens of thousands of people. Health clinics have been completely destroyed, leaving many with no access to healthcare.

Urgent needs include continuity in medication for chronic conditions, screening for infectious diseases, tetanus vaccines for puncture wounds and emergency medical care. With widespread distress and trauma, some communities are also seeing acute mental health problems.

Twelve Essential Health Packs arrived in the Bahamas on 13th September. They were gratefully received by our partner International Medical Corps.

The need for emergency medicines is critical.

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters and healthcare partners, we’ve been able to pre-position and send out a number of Essential Health Packs. These are already saving lives in the Bahamas.

As news of the storm broke, we shipped a dozen Essential Health Packs, which arrived in the Bahamas on 13th September. The generosity of our donors meant we could pre-position these packs for disaster situations, and ship them out to our in-country partner at a moment’s notice.

Since then, we have sent six more packs. Each contains a wide range of treatments including antibiotics, painkillers, antifungals and medicines for chronic conditions.

We are working closely with our longstanding partner International Medical Corps, which is assisting the government on Grand Bahama island. 

“This shipment was desperately needed [and] arrived just in time,” 
Marcia Roeder, of International Medical Corps, told us. “Our field teams just ran out of the stock they had to cover the gap while waiting for the Essential Health Packs...we can’t thank you enough.”

Thanks to our donors, we’ve now provided 16,812 courses of treatment to individuals and families in the Bahamas, many needing urgent, even lifesaving help. The storm left health facilities and systems devastated in central and eastern parts of Grand Bahama, so many treatments will be used here. 

International Health Partners provides immediate emergency medicines to people affected by natural disasters. In 2019, we have sent nearly 40,000 treatments to Mozambique and Malawi after Cyclone Idai; and more than 92,000 treatments to Venezuela.

We will continue to support relief efforts in the Bahamas, and plan to send around 60,000 more treatments there in the short term.

Will you
support this work to ensure that our life-saving medicines can reach those in desperate need as soon as possible? A gift of £10 will provide at least 30 treatments to communities, like those in the Bahamas, to enable critical healthcare efforts. 

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