Stepan, Moldova

Stepan is an amputee, he lost his left leg from an accident falling off a ladder many years ago. This made it very challenging for him when he was forced to flee his home in Ukraine after conflict broke out in his hometown. Stepan was aided by a social worker to get across the border. He has a wheelchair now, but he had to walk for long distances to reach safety in Moldova. By the time he arrived, Stepan was experiencing severe pain in his right foot.

IHP works in Moldova with our partner, Medical Teams International, supplying them with Essential Health Packs (EHPs) which are used to equip clinics serving refugees fleeing the conflict with essential supplies and medicines.

A volunteer at one of the clinics informed one of the Medical Teams International staff, Dr. Lily, that there was a man who was having pain in his foot. Dr Lily requested to taken to visit him. When Dr. Lily arrived at Stepan’s accommodation and examined him, she noticed a concerning infection on Stepan’s toes on his right foot. “We needed to get him to a hospital right away for an x-ray,” Dr. Lily told us. “I was worried the infection had gone on for so long that it may have gone to the bone. If that happens, they could need to amputate his toes.” Stepan was picked up and transported to the local hospital.

Luckily, Stepan’s toes did not need to be amputated. Dr. Lily could use the antibiotics supplied within IHP’s Essential Health Packs to prepare a care package with instructions for Stepan. “There [were] two different antibiotics that we wrote for him. Both were to be taken two times a day.”

With one-third of Ukrainians being forced from their homes and with more than 7.5 million border crossings from Ukraine since the start of the conflict, It is vital that clinics are equipped with the medicines they need to continue to support patients like Stepan

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