The Jahza Health Centre, Yemen

One of the health facilities in Yemen supported by IHP is a health centre at an orphanage that first opened nearly a century ago, in 1925. Many of the orphans, all boys, lost their families during the fighting that has occurred over the past six years. Others were abandoned, found alone and turned over to authorities to shelter.

The health centre, which also serves residents in neighbourhoods around the orphanage, is part of a larger project by our in-country partner to restore health facilities including the improvement of water and sanitation systems, medical, laboratory and IT equipment. Using donated medicines from IHP means that in-country partners are able to divert funding that would otherwise need to be spent on medicines, to other critical projects like this one.

“The Jahza health centre located at Al-Jefra District, Marib Governorate was completely empty of primary healthcare medicines," a Marib Governorate Health Office representative told us. "Due to the difficulty of accessing the area due to the clashes, the humanitarian and health situation worsened, also organizations were unable to deliver aid. Displaced people, especially children, suffer from diarrhoea and respiratory infections, so it was very helpful to receive a shipment of various medicines to treat these cases. Water purification tabs will also be used to ensure the availability of clean water in the hospital and IDP camp.”

Help us provide better access to essential medicine and supplies where they are needed most.

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