• 8.6 million treatments sent out (over 36 months)  
  • Partners working in 63 countries  
  • £10 donated pays for 30 treatments  


  • 43.7 million treatments sent out (since 2004)  
  • £159 m worth of medicines donated  
  • 100 countries reached  


Our work saves our NGO partners around £10 million every year. 

Using donated healthcare products means partner NGOs and health services can cut costs dramatically – and extend medical treatment to thousands of people who would otherwise not have access. When agencies make a small donation (£275) to International Health Partners, we will send them a pallet of medicines worth an average of £15,600.   

Our donations enable patients to receive genuine and effective treatment. 

According to the World Health Organization, one in 10 medical products circulating in low and middle-income countries is either substandard or falsified. In Africa, that ratio is higher. The medicines we supply are genuine, high quality and long-dated (with expiry dates that ensure they reach people in time for use). We also ensure that we supply medicines that health services, and their patients, really need.   

Our model of using donated medicines is very cost-effective. 

For every £1 donation to IHP, we can supply medicines with an average value of £14. From 2016-2018 we shipped medicines with a total value of more than £27 million (NHS equivalent value).   

Partnerships with nearly 100 healthcare companies. 

Our partnerships allow us to source a huge variety of healthcare products, and respond quickly to a large range of medical needs. Recognised as a leader in our sector, we have received the Queen’s Award for Enterprise and have been Pfizer UK’s charity of the year during 2018, and Accord's Charity of the Year in 2019.   

We punch above our weight. 

With only 10 full-time staff and an operating income (2018) of less than £1 million, we manage to achieve a lot. In 2018 this meant we matched the needs of our NGO partners, arranged donations of medicines and then shipped them all around the world – some 4.4 million treatments. With your support, we can reach more people with the life-giving gift of health.  

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"IHP have done so much good and helped so many sick & vulnerable people. It makes me feel proud that our products helped even in a small way." - Healthcare partner